Best Practices in Software Testing

Best practices are simple set of guidelines or rules which can be employed across any of testing projects.

We cannot have a single best method although,we can definitely can have a range of software testing best practices which can ease our work and help us in producing better output.

To be clear when we say “Best practice” we are talking about the approach to do something that will predominantly gives proficient result when procured with experience and scrutiny.

With these technique or methodologies which are acquired with experience and research can definitely help to attain for a particular objective i.e “Quality Delivery”


A risk is a unrealised problem that may or may not happen,although it can cause positive and negative impact based on on how early it was identified.Conducting a analytical risk based testing approach can help us identifying the risk areas and their impact on the application if measured early phase of SDLC.

When testing an application always –

  • Enforce a risk analysis to analyze the risk areas and their impact on the application.
  • By determining the level of risk we can identify the order of test execution and test coverage.


Start testing early to avoid the introduction of defects in the early phase,sooner the bug identified lesser would be its cost of fixation.


A software undergoes lots of changes,With Regression we can determine new problematic areas to determine the adverse effects it has caused due to change occurred in operating environment. ven seemingly irrelevant modifications can result in complete breaking down of existing functionality. This is why regression testing is crucial: to ascertain that modified code has not impacted ANY part of the system.


Coverage is “What are we testing and How much are we testing?”

Identification of unique scenarios in the application,both can be fused into single test case,this practice will minimise the no. of test cases and help us attaining maximum coverage by minimizing timeline.

Optimise the Test scenario with ALL pair and decision table for maximum coverage


Every project has a deadline to delivery with Time being most valuable resource in a project. it is important to consider the vacations or holidays planned by the resources, By test estimation we can determine approximates how long a Task would take to complete.and what resources one requires to achieve goal.

  • Work Breakdown Structure : Breaking test projects into small pieces
  • Three point estimation : Estimation method is based on statistical data.
  • Function Point Analysis: FPA helps in measuring the size and giving weightage to each and every point.


With increasing Abuse Use of Cloud Computational Resources and data breaches its immensely important to have secure environment, an environments which is locked down tight.

Validating the APIs,URIs and local IP address and ports, can help the unwanted intrusion of the internet and cloud-based vulnerabilities.Software development agencies should invest on testing infrastructure and create a secure testing environment locally.


A Target Operating Model converts conceptual procedure into operational plans.

Create intended test activities. It identifies amongst others test items, the features to be tested, the testing tasks, who will do each task, degree of tester independence, the test design techniques and entry and exit criteria and any risks requiring contingency planning and the test environment.

Adopting a robust framework which covers both functional and non-functional testing also by implementing software testing life cycle models like V model Agile and RAD Models.With Bug tracking and reporting tools like Jira and Bugzilla and with regular communications over testing project with team one can significantly improve health of Project.

Acknowledge team members of respective project regarding their project goals and the responsibilities allocated to them and timelines.For any new team member to work toward the common objectives,this process of Target operating model for testing can be successful.

Good testing practices can inculcate a quality standard that can guide and shape software itself.

The triangle is a good way of representing the impact of the three priorities on each other.

Increased time constraints can deeply impact the budget or quality which can directly affect the Quality of Delivery!

By evaluating these Innovative practices we can achieve the ultimate target of “Quality Delivery”

Happy Testing!!!

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