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Bot Service is a cost-effective, serverless service that scales on demand. Simplicity-Creations Best Chatbot Development Company has deployed chatbots across the major use cases ourselves, our platform delegate to any use case leveraging capabilities of our platform.

Chatbots are the new modern way businesses are interacting with their customers. Chatbots are interactive software that is powered by natural language processing and artificial intelligence simulating human-like conversations.

We as humans are social species, we have always loved to interact via conversations instead of filling forms. The traditional ways of getting information are slowly being replaced by chatbots for the sole reason. Now you can get a good amount of information quick by just talking to a chatbot. Literally…!

Rule Based Bot:
These bots run based on a structured conversation. A user starts the conversation, but bot guides the user to perform actions. It is only as smart as it is programmed to be.

Artificially Intelligent Bot:
These bots make use of NLP and Machine Learning to understand what user is saying. Once user’s intent is identified necessary action is taken and the conversation moves forward.

Integration with multiple platforms
1. FB Messenger
2. Skype
3. Twitter
4. Telegram
5. Alexa
6. Mobile App
7. Web

Best Chatbot Development Company

Our Process of Building a Chatbot:
We will help you in each step right from understanding the opportunity for a chatbot in your organization to building, testing and successfully deploying the same.
Once we know the basis of chatbot and why you want to develop it, we would help you with the structure and UX of the bot. As a Best Chatbot Development Company, we will develop the chatbot for you and help integrating it with multiple platforms as needed. Build your first Messenger bot.


The development cost depends on the type of chatbot you want to develop. Is it a Rule-based chatbot or Artificially intelligent chatbot Just like any other custom software development, the cost will depend on the complexity of chatbot.

Depends on your marketing and business strategy. If you are selling a product and rely heavily on FB to reach to your customers, then integrating with FB messenger will make more sense. Similarly, depending on your business and use case we can help you to identify the appropriate integration platforms.

Just like the cost, time totally depends on the complexity of the what and what exactly you want to achieve with it. The time can vary from a couple of weeks to few months.

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