Importance of Great UI/UX For Applications

Have you ever wondered why the snooze button in an iPhone alarm is bigger and prominent that the stop button?

This simple example can help us understand UI/UX and why it is important.

So, let’s first understand what UI/UX means, as these two terms are often confused and jumbled up.

UX is an acronym for User Experience. It is a process to improve the usability, ease of use and overall experience of the user interacting with the software (as a matter of fact any product).

UI is an acronym for User Interface. UI focuses on the look and feel of the software, how different elements are presented and how they react when interaction happens.

Still confused? Let’s go back to our iPhone alarm example.

Snooze button being bigger and prominent has to do a lot with UX. UX deals with understanding the user, what features they need on a particular screen, what flow would help a user navigate easily. Now when a alarm goes off, the very first natural need is to snooze and get those 5 extra mins. During this situation, if the user struggles to find the Snooze button, they are never going to use the app again.

Once this is established, UI plays the role in defining the color, the feel of button, the round corners, how far and how small the stop button would be and look like etc. and everything related to presentation. Hope this gives some insights. So basically we can say that UI/UX are two different sides of same coin.

Why is it important ?

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it Works.

Steve Jobs

In today’s busy world, the attention span of user has decreased significantly. UI/UX plays a really important role in success of your applications – both mobile and web.

  1. It’s all about the customer, a great UI/UX means a great customer experience.
  2. A cluttered application, which makes life of user difficult might decrease the repeat use of your software. Most of the users might just stop using your software or look for alternatives without giving any feedback.
  3. A great UI/UX can help decrease user transaction time.
  4. UI/UX makes a significant impact on users for selection of your software over competitors.

At Simplicity Creations, we give significant emphasis on User Interface and User Experience. Our Design Led Development approach helps us to build applications that not only look good but are also really easy to use. Your users will love your applications.

So are you ready for an upgrade or are looking to build something new ?

Reach us and understand our design principles that will help you develop a world class software product.

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