Bunker 360

Bunker360 is a security platform for your and your family’s security. As the crime rate is on a rise there is growing need for products that can help you in ensuring your safety. Bunker360 brings IOT based products under single application to give a single system to ensure safety of your loved ones.
The Bunker360 mobile application can be used to set up products and monitor them in real time.
Homekit – Sensor based alarm system for home.
Carkit – A GPS based tracker for cars
Movikit– GPS Tracking phone for children
Camkit – WIFI based IP Camera
Soskit—BLE based Bluetooth button
Any alerts raised by any production is sent to mobile application and contacts selected by you. Also, you can monitor real time location or view video remotely using the mobile app. The alerts are also sent to central monitoring dashboard. You can appoint a security agency to monitory this dashboard and respond in case of any emergency.

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