Technologies are changing rapidly than expected and businesses are willing to experiment and adapt to changing technologies. Let’s have a quick look at the top 5 technology trends in 2018.


Chatbots are the hot cake in 2018. It’s the new way for business to interact with their customers.With natural language processing at the backend, chatbots are able to simulate real human like conversations, opening up different channels to consume information and generate transactions. Chatbots not only allow to subtly present information but it’s also helping optimise processes and increase efficiency.It’s still a long way to go and there are many different uses cases coming up, but it’s surely picking up rapidly.


Blockchain technology gave rise to cryptocurrency bitcoin and ever since bitcoins got famous, businesses are exploring various uses of blockchain. Blockchain is picking up especially in domains where heavy transactions are involved like banking and finance.
Blockchain is said to bring disruption in logistics and freight services.

Big Data and Analytics

Data seems to be on everybody’s agenda these days. People are generating data more than ever before, with 40 zettabytes expected to be created by 2020. It doesn’t matter if you are selling to other businesses or ordinary members of the general public. Data is essential for companies and it’s going to spell an era of innovation.
Data Governance and aspects related to same are going to be crucially important for growth and taking key decisions for business.

Internet Of Things (IoT)

IoT has been around since few years now. Initially it was really difficult to explore and innovate in the IoT space due to complex frameworks and investment in the hardware side. But in coming years, DIY frameworks which are ready to use and integrate different hardwares have bloomed which has captured eyeballs of lots of business. Different organisations are implementing IoT with combination of technologies to automate and optimize many processes and connect data. IoT real potential will be unlocked more in 2018.

Machine Learning

Machine learning allows computers to learn without being explicitly programmed. Machine learning has always been a topic of study and research. With the rise in need of chatbots, machine learning is getting significantly applied to make chatbots smarter. With different use cases of machine learning, applications will be developed which will help predicting patterns and customer behaviour.

These technologies seems to be here for long run. 2018 and coming years are going to see a significant shift in technology landscape.
For a customer facing business are using chatbots to do a lot of things right from customer support, one to one interactions, getting real time information and even doing complex transactions.

So are you ready to have an edge over competition. When are you creating your chatbot?

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