Why Chatbots are important for your business?

We as humans are social species, we have always loved to interact via conversations instead of filling forms. The tradition ways of getting information are slowly being replaced by chatbots for the sole reason. Now you can get good amount of information really quick by just talking to a chatbot. Literally..!

The word chatbots is creating a lot of buzz in digital world. Chatbot basically are software programs that simulate conversation with human users. So, as a user you feel you are talking to a human.

We think you should message a business just the way you would message a friend

Mark Zuckerberg

Next Big thing in Marketing:

Chatbots are the next big thing in Marketing, mainly because of following reasons:

  1. Chatbots are the new modern way business are interacting with their customers.
  2. Introducing automation and intelligence, hence reducing overall cost
  3. Smart auto discovery of the content that you would like your users to view
  4. Channelling conversation through different integrations.

Constant improvements:

Chatbots are growing rapidly from a technology perspective.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Chatbot with natural language processing helps to make bot much more intelligent. It can process different text patterns and engage users accordingly.

Integration Possibilities

Today you can integrate it with lot of platforms. This makes it easier to create a single channel for users to access information and perform different transactions.

You can create and integrate chatbots with:

  • Your website
  • Your mobile apps
  • Google assistant
  • Facebook messenger
  • Slack
  • Skype
  • Twitter
  • Line


Business and big enterprises are taking the next leap where chatbots will be playing important role internally as well as customer facing.

Internally organisations are using chatbot to get important information and data quickly.

For a customer facing business are using chatbots to do a lot of things right from customer support, one to one interactions, getting real time information and even doing complex transactions.

So are you ready to have an edge over competition. When are you creating your chatbot?

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