Why choose AngularJs?


AngularJs is a fastest growing one of the finest JavaScript frameworks that many web developers rely on and operate to build highly professional websites and web application, being an open source front-end web application framework, it is mainly used for promoting single page applications and is managed by Google and a group of individuals and enterprises. It’s a universally approved fact that AngularJS is now contemplated as one of the most popular frameworks with its bunch of advantageous features like its extensibility to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.

What Problems does AngularJS Solve?
AngularJS and SPAs are web pages that perform tasks without having to refresh the entire page, thus it contributes to a serene user experience. AngularJS intent to unlock the problems that HTML has had with non-static documents.

With Internet beginning to shift from static pages towards more interactive web-applications more emphasis was given on HTML. This framework became an assertive way of coordinating code, by providing the greatest features that are its ability to incorporate HTML as a master language.

It’s elementary to get started on AngularJS and It provides solutions to complete front-end development, contributing a smoothly operating website in no time.

There are certain features that set AngularJS aside from its competitors, such as the ability to build new features, with the framework providing full support across each stage which gives the user other additional features like dependency injection, parallel development, convenient testing and simple architecture.

Why prefer AngularJS for your Mobile and Web applications development?

AngularJS is used in Single Page Applications (SPA). It lengthens HTML DOM with supplementary attributes and makes it more responsive to users.

It is possible with angularJS that it automatically synchronises of data between model and view. If made any changes are made related to data, it generates immediately in view and same way if you made changes in view, then it generates a model.

In general, all framework requires that programmer needs to split out in several MVC and again need to write code for putting them together. But in angularJS, the programmer doesn’t need to write code for putting them together. It happens automatically.

The biggest advantage of Angular is that it is Unit Testing Ready. AngularJS is written entirely from the ground up to be testable. It even comes with an end-to-end and unit test runner setup

Evolving Enterprise Applications nowadays target omnipresence platforms. Majority of them have a web application platform besides there are mobile or desktop applications. So, when it comes to web applications, most organisations use Java for their back-end server-side support.

A recent trend shows a pace in NodeJS, So the sphere for Java still preserves its spike owing to its extensive use in the Mid-Cap to Large-Cap Software firms.

What makes Angular JS a very special?
What makes it somewhat universal in the past couple of years since its inception is the fact, it is offering for many requirements like lightweight or single page applications or general client-side logic.

Reasons it’s gaining popularity:
➢ Relatively easy to start learning
➢ Simple and powerful
➢ Approved by GOOGLE
➢ Syntaxes and practices it adopts are expected future of ECMA script.
➢ Relatively more coherent and readable.

The percentage of websites using AngularJS in terms of web development has an unwavering growth and is expected to continue this run for a few more years until something else can take over it. AngularJS offers a higher-level abstraction helping programmers in simplifying app development thus reducing development time. AngularJS is captivating for many programmers to enroll the language and clients to use this web development framework for all crucial web app projects.

AngularJS has been the most popular JavaScript framework worldwide. The new AngularJS versions will entitle developers to design websites that are future-proof and technologically exceptional.

Angular web development is particularly strong in India, one of the key country which whirls the drift in the technology space. AngularJS allows developers to focus barely on the task ahead and get rid of all the drawbacks and distractions that pop up along the way.

In spite of having various other JavaScript frameworks in the industry like ReactJS, EmberJS, etc AngularJS has primed to manage the top position in the field of web development.

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