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We are a team of Business Analysts, Graphics Designers and Engineers focused with a single goal of building beautiful user experiences and writing quality code. We are a one stop software development hub participating in each and every step of the software development life cycle.

Our Engagement Models

Software Project Outsourcing

Recommended for medium or small size projects with crisp and clear requirement specifications.

This model works really well if the software requirements are clearly defined. Entire custom software solution as defined in requirement specifications can be delivered either for a fixed price or time and materials collaboration. We provide team to plan, develop and manage the entire software, so you don’t need to micromanage any activity during entire software development life cycle.

Your Software Development Hub
Offshore Development Center (ODC)

Recommended for Big Projects and (or) big companies trying to extend their team.

Offshore Development Center(ODC) or Offshore Dedicated Team (ODT) is model where a software team is completely dedicated for your business. This helps you to focus on your core business while entire IT and software services are taken care without bearing too many extra expenses on additional functions like HR, admin etc. We have great experience in working with clients in different time zones.

Your Software Development Hub
Onsite Team Deployment

For extremely critical data related projects and very close collaboration work.

A project may require a skill that your existing team doesn’t have and hiring such skills for a limited time frame might not be economically viable. We deliver professional onsite team deployment with skilled resources with good communication and collaboration skills. Now, you don’t need to bear the overheads of hiring a new skill set resource full time for your software needs.

Your Software Development Hub

We can be your technology partners..!

Have an awesome idea but a little tight on funds? We can be your technology partners and help you reduce the initial software product development costs.
Collaboration with great people brings success. We can help you right from inception, to bringing idea to reality to customer acquisition.

Your Software Development Hub

Why Choose Us?

Increase the probability of your success by working with a top quality team. We can help you right from development to reaching potential customers.

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Meticulously Crafted Design
Fast and Secure
Top Notch Quality Code

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What Clients Say?

I have always had good service from Simplicity Creations team. Always got more than I asked for, from the guys. We have worked on sophisticated api integrations for cryptocurrency & block chain coding complex algorithms and certainly nothing is too tough for these guys to handle. I can recommend Simplicity team for almost anything related to software development

Earle Loxton - Founder - DCX

Simplicity Creations management team has great leadership skills and all team members are extremely talented. With honesty, focused efforts and brilliant mindset, we were successfully able to build a RnD centre in India and deploy Bunker360 to production. I highly recommend Simplicity Creations team for IoT, Web development & Mobile development.

Yaakov Slonimczyk - VP R&D - Bunker 360

Working with the Simplicity team has been a pleasure. Throughout my project with them, I found them to be remarkably strong at translating product requirements into technical strategy and implementation. They maintained good communication lines throughout the project, set clear expectations, and delivered on time. I would welcome an opportunity to work with them again.

Peter W. - CoFounder - Ask Aida



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